Adam's Challenge

I'm Adam and I'm doing a year an unknown amount of challenges to raise money for The Christie and need your help!
After doing many of these challenges now, it turns out that I don't want to stop after a year so will continue on raising as much cash as I can. 2 years on and I'm still cracking out the challenges. I'll be doing all sorts of events including a 55 mile walk, a 10km military assault course, half marathons, full marathons, 100 mile bikerides, skydives and IRONMAN UK 140.6 Mile Triathlon!

Every donation makes a huge difference to change the lives of people affected by cancer!

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Challenge #1

Bogle Stroll! (55mile walk) - 28/02/2014

The Bogle Stroll takes the scenic route to the extreme in a challenging 55 mile walk around Greater Manchester. It took 25 hours and 48 minutes of constant walking to complete the course but was worth every second of pain when I finally reached the finish line! The awesome "I beat the Bogle" hoody made it all the more worthwhile!

Challenge #2

Bolton 10K! - 13/04/2014

No challenge is complete without a bit of running and so that's why I signed up to the Bolton 10k hosted by Bolton United Harriers & Athletic Club. Surely it wouldn't be too hard and it'd be a great starting point. It was only after signing up that I discovered it was a "competitive race" *shocked face*. The day came and the weather was great. Not too hot and a slight bit of rain, it was ideal. 63 minutes and 11 seconds later I crossed the finished line! Not the fastest time in the world, but everyone needs to start somewhere. Challenge #2 COMPLETE!

Challenge #3

No Ego Mud Challenge! - 10/05/2014

The No Ego Mud Challenge in Preston was a gruelling 10km military assault course with 40+ obstacles. Although it was super hard work (just under 2 hours it took) it was amazing fun! It's not everyday you get to wade through mud chest deep and go down flying down a mud slide. Another Tech T-Shirt added to the collection :)

Challenge #4

Solo Skydive! - 03/06/2014

There had to be something a little extreme, and this challenge is certainly that. I couldn't make do with the normal tandem skydive and had to take it a step further! On June 2nd I spent the day training at Skydive Hibaldstow on how to jump out of a plane, dive and successfully land after controlling a parachute. What could go wrong? :) June 3rd was jump day after a very long wait because of the weather! Admittedly I was a little nervous but who wouldn't be? I knew the drills I had to follow and had two instructors by my side. Simples.

I really cannot describe the feeling you get jumping from the plane, so you'll just have to watch, or maybe try it out for yourself :) The whole thing was recorded on camera for you all to see! This is the challenge that I was most excited about and want to go back and do more levels!


Challenge #5

Manchester to Blackpool Bike Ride! - 13/07/2014

The Manchester to Blackpool Bike Ride is The Christies largest cycling event attended by over 8000 cyclists in 2013. This year I'll be taking part in the extremely popular event amongst cyclists covering a 60 mile route starting at Manchester United's Football Ground at Old Trafford going along country lanes to the finish on the South Promenade in Blackpool. I might even cycle back! :)

And what a great challenge it was! The weather held out and we even had a bit of sun. The ride took us 5 hours and 30 minutes (including 3 short breaks) passing through the finish line with hundreds of spectators cheering us on! To finish the day we had an awesome massage over in The Christie tent followed by a hot hog roast sandwich. I'll be back next year :) For the record, we didn't cycle back :D

Challenge #6

Manchester 100 Bike Ride - 31/08/2014

As if the Manchester to Blackpool 60 mile bike ride wasn't enough, I've signed up to this little gem. 100 miles around Greater Manchester! We'll be starting off at Wythenshawe Park heading through Northwich and going as far south as Nantwich before making our way back though Middlewich and finally Wilmslow. I'm sure it'll be very tough but that's what #AdamsChallenge is all about!

Tough indeed! Only after ploughing through roughly 3 hours of wind and rain did the sun make an appearance. It turns out I had the wrong bike for the job. Doing 100 miles on a 29er mountain bike is not a good idea. It's definitely up there as one of the hardest things I've ever done, but I did eventually finish in 9 hours and 59 minutes. All I had to do then was get a double cheeseburger and chips and all was well with the world :)

Challenge #7

City of Salford 10K! - 07/09/2014

This is one of the most popular 10k runs in the North of England, with nearly 3,500 entrants in 2013. Having already run a 10k, this one shouldn't be a problem, we'll see how we get on.

A great event well organised and an amazing atmosphere with so many people cheering all the way round the route. A slight ankle injury at the start meant I didn't get my 50 minute target, but hey it's the taking part that counts. Another free T-Shirt and a medal :) Now time to train for a half marathon!

Challenge #8

Rivington Trail Half Marathon! - 04/10/2014

Rivington Half Marathon is going to be tough! Running for 13 miles! It's still a while away yet, so there's plenty time to train properly.

And tough it was! Trail running is a whole new ball game. The race starts with a mile long hill up to the pike on rocky terrain and continues to go up and down rocky hills for the next 12 miles with some incredible views. It was infinitely more difficult than I had first anticipated but a challenge well done (if I do say so myself!). 2 hours and 20 minutes later I crossed the finish line with a big ol' smile on my face ready to collect a medal, a tech t-shirt and a bag full of goodies! I'm pretty sure I'll be signing up for that again next year!

Challenge #9

HellRunner Up North! - 01/11/2014

Brooks HellRunner offers trail running at its toughest and most enjoyable. 10-12 miles of challenging off-road running. Tough, twisting trails, including the famed Hills of Hell and the Bog of Doom! From what I can gather HellRunner is a bit like No Ego except it's more hellish with massive hills and the task of getting through a massive Bog of Doom!

And HELL it was! Loads of massive hills (and I mean LOADS) and lots of neck deep, smelly, dirty, swampy muddy water (the photos just don't do it justice)! Needless to say, aching, wet and cold - 3 hours, 30 minutes and 28 seconds later WE DID IT!

Challenge #10

Manchester United Santa Run! - 07/12/2014

A nice easy 5km run - dressed as Santa. Enough said.

A new personal best! My fastest ever 5k run although I'm not sure the Santa suit helped! I managed to split the pants just trying to put them on. Only a few minutes in I managed to lose the jacket too. Hilarious seeing so many people dressed as Santa running about the streets of Manchester.

Challenge #11

Stanley Park 10K! - 28/02/2015

We're off to Blackpool! Stanley Park to be more precise. Time to get the first 10k of the year under my belt.

First 10k of the year and a NEW PB! I've taken 5 minutes off so I'm super chuffed. Completed in 53 minutes 10 seconds followed by huge amounts of free Soreen. I think I'll be going back next year!

Challenge #12

Decathlon Bolton Duathlon 2015! - 12/04/2015

With a triathlon coming up I thought it'd be a great idea to ease myself in with a duathlon. It'll be a 6km run followed by a 28km cycle and completed with another 6km run. over the tops of Bolton.

In typical british style, the weather this morning was horrendous to say the least, freezing cold and a ridiculous headwind on the return leg of the cycle. I really need to get myself a road bike so that I can ride faster (and actually fit it in the transition block, my 29er tyres didn't play nicely) and improve on my time. The whole event was well organised and we got a fantastic goodybag at the end too. It was my first ever duathlon and a great change from the norm, especially with the inclusion of transition. I'm pretty sure I'll be back next year smashing my time on a new bike :)

Challenge #13

ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon! - 19/04/2015

A MARATHON! After unsuccessfully getting a place for the Virgin London Marathon I'm now taking part in the Greater Manchester Marathon. I'm super excited about this as I've wanted to run a marathon for quite a while now. I've been lucky enough to be given a charity place by The Christie so we'll really need to raise some extra cash now! Let the training commence!

WHAT. A. DAY! Amazing. I'd been training for months so that I could run with confidence in my first marathon and it was the perfect day today. Not too cold, not too hot and best of all NO RAIN. With it being my first marathon I had no idea what it was like to be surrounded by 12000+ runners heading to the start line. The atmosphere was incredible and the support around the whole 26.2 miles was superb! People cheering you on, shouting your name, hi5-ing and handfuls of sweets. I've never seen anything like it! Admittedly it was tough but the crowd made it so much easier. Finishing in a respectable 4 hours 44 minutes I was dazed and went off for a sports massage in The Christie tent before having a wander around the event village. I'd like to think I'll be here again next year but that depends on whether I get a place for the London Marathon :)

Challenge #14

Horwich Triathlon 2015! - 03/05/2015

So I thought to myself what would be really challenging? Well, let's take part in a triathlon just 2 weeks after doing a marathon! The triathlon will consist of a 500m swim, a 40km cycle followed by a 10km off road run to Rivington Pike and back. I think training needs to step up a few levels now! Wish me luck.

It has been a busy month of first timers. I was pretty nervous about this event as I'm not the best of swimmers and I still haven't got a road bike, not to mention I only purchased my Tri-Suit yesterday however it turned out to be great fun. As usual the weather was against us with cold and rain but that wasn't going to stop me today. I did 500m in the pool, sprinted another 300m before fumbling around in transition ready for a 40km cycle. The start is at the bottom of a pretty steep hill soo not ideal but off I went, chomping up the road through the rain for 40km, which seemed to go by pretty quick. Then it was the run, 10km of trail running half of which would be directly up the side of a massive hill up to Rivington Pike with what seemed like concrete blocks for legs. It was brutal! The return leg much better, especially when I could see the end in sight. 3 hours 18 minutes. Not bad for my first ever Triathlon.


Challenge #15

Three Peaks Challenge! - 13/06/2015

When I heard about the Three Peaks Challenge couldn't refuse. Climbing three massive mountains in three different countries in under 20 hours (24 hours would have been too easy, right?) what's not to like? It's going to be tough but it's going to awesome. I've not done much climbing since Kilimanjaro in 2011, but I'll take it in my stride! (see what I did there :) ). Ben Nevis (Scotland), Scafell Pike (England) and Snowdon (Wales). Let's do this!

June 13th 2015 - National 3 Peaks Challenge. 5 weeks ago I received a message asking if I was interested in taking part in the National 3 Peaks Challenge. I've always wanted to do it, so it didn't take long for me to make my mind up. A quick phone call with Gareth and my mind was made up. I was excited. During the weeks leading up to the event there was a facebook group chat which included all 7 of our team members. There was a real buzz. Everyone just as excited as me. As the event creeped closer there were conversations about nutrition, training, the event weekend (amongst other things *cough* crampons) and Donna's flapjack baking. Before I knew it, it was Friday. I planned to be in bed for 20:00 since I needed to be awake at 04:00 on the Saturday. It didn't happen. I was up until 22:30 packing and cooking food ready for the big weekend, excitement growing even more.

It was 05:14am, our driver Dave (The Stig) arrived bang on time. I loaded up the van with what seemed to be enough baggage for a 3 week holiday... and some more. Anyway, off we went to the pickup point where I've never seen so many people in one place smile at 05:30am, loaded up the van and headed to Callendar for breakfast whilst making a couple of stops on the way for further team members. There was much chatter about Vanilla Milk which most of us had only recently discovered. It's amazing. A 1 litre bottle of heaven. Anyhoo, there's a nice little cafe in Callendar where we were to have breakfast but I was warned about portion sizes beforehand so went in prepared. "Can I have The Wee Breakfast... times two please. Oh and can you stick it one plate". It was decent food too. But out of the corner of my eye I spotted some scones in the distance. You can't pass up an opportunity like that, so a couple of minutes later there were 2 scones and jam in front of me. Yum.

Anyway, we're heading to Ben Nevis, Fort William in the #BanterBus... Amazing scenery combined with some pretty epic music playing in the van that fits perfectly. Quick pitstop and we're at the foot of Ben Nevis getting our kit on. I couldn't wait to start. 13:55, take a photo, start Strava (I recorded our progress on all three mountains) and off we went. The pace was quick. I don't think anyone anticipated we'd be going so fast, I'm sure it was the adrenaline. We marched on. Before we knew it, there was snow and lots of it. Snow so bright that your eyes would go funny. Looking in to the distance you couldn't see where the snow ended and the sky started, it was pretty weird. There it was, we could see it, the summit! A circular stone building covered in flags, surrounded by people happy as Larry they'd made it to the top. We joined them, took some photos and hi-5s were given all round. The decent was much quicker (obviously) and we completed our first peak in 4 hours 40 minutes. We're actually in the top 10% of fastest "all time" ascents on Strava. Impressive. Kit off, back in the van and we were soon on our way to the Lake District to take on Scafell Pike.

Roughly 5 hours later, we were about to start Scafell Pike. I don't think anyone was particularly keen about Scafell. It was to be done entirely in the dark starting just before 1am. There were plenty head torches on the mountain, but they were all coming down. It wasn't long before we were the only ones up there. 6 walkers, 6 lights. And then the fog came. And kept on coming. Soon after we could see 5-10 metres ahead and that was all. We took a right turn about 50 meters too early and we were off the track. With a bit of scouting around and his mountaineering expertise Gareth got us back on track (he knows Scafell like the back of his hand, he's done 3 Peaks 15 times before). Out of nowhere a big shadow had started to appear through the thick mist. It was the peak! It was bizzare how it had appeared from nowhere. I'm glad it did too. Scafell was tough. Tough to climb. Even tougher in the night. Even tougher in the bad weather. Another picture (even if it was just a few lights) and we descended and headed back to our worried driver. We'd been too long. 3 hours 59 minutes we'd been. What had happened. Mobile phones with no signal are useless. It was at this point that I realised we weren't going to complete the challenge in under 20 hours, I was gutted. It'd been my plan from the start. I'd been pushing for a sub 20 constantly. A bad series of events prevented us. We'd hit a low. Food, a clothes change and back in to the van. This time I was sporting a onesie determined to get some sleep on the way to Wales. It did the trick, I fell asleep almost instantly.

I woke up shortly before arriving at Snowdon. The mood in the van had changed. People were smiling and chatting like Scafell Pike had never happened. Morale was back up high and we were ready to get up Snowdon and complete the Three Peaks Challenge. Out of the onesie, kitted up with Vaseline on my feet (brilliant idea!) and we were off. I'd climbed Snowdon before so knew what to expect. It was great. Hundreds of people heading up and down. Smiling, exchanging morning greetings. The occasional train going by full to the brim. In next to no time we were at the summit. It was packed full of people all trying to take a selfie at the top. We did the same and then started to descend although not running like we did on the training day. Soon enough we were back at the van, each and every one of us with a smile ear to ear because we'd just completed the THREE PEAKS CHALLENGE! We were greeted with Sausage and Bacon butties from Jaqui and Kelly. Never has a sausage butty tasted so good! I lay on the floor, had a stretch and basked in what we'd just achieved. 3 mountains. 3 different countries. 22 hours and 41 minutes. AMAZING!

I couldn't have asked for a better weekend. Each and every one of the team were amazing. We'd walked 24.1 miles, climbed 10,002ft and shared many a story. Gareth, our group leader arranged the whole thing and navigated us through the maze of mountains. Dave our amazing driver of the Banter Bus properly chipper throughout everything, even if we weren't. Rhian, Donna, Karina and Tanya topping up the stories, jokes and laughter throughout the whole weekend. We've all achieved something amazing and I can't thank everyone enough for all the support through facebook etc. I can't stop here though. I've already agreed that I'm doing it all again next year. 3 Peaks 2016. Come at me.

Let's not forget the reason I do these kind of things. I push myself to the limits to raise money for The Christie so that one day we can live in a world without cancer. So far we've raised over £1200 (inc giftaid) but I'm disappointed to say that I've not had any donations over the weekend. It won't stop me though. I will keep going and I will raise money any way that I can, towards a future without cancer. If you can, please give whatever you can. You can txt STRL55 £10 to 70070 or visit my just giving page here: any amount would be massively appreciated by myself and everyone at The Christie.

If you've got this far, thank you very much for reading, I could go on forever. I've had an amazing time and I'll be posting some photos of the event soon.

Team Three Peaks 2015 - We are winners!

Challenge #16

Manchester to Blackpool Bike Ride! - 12/07/2015

Since the Manchester to Blackpool bikeride was such a laugh last year, I'm doing it again! I'll be taking on the 60 mile route again, only this time I'm hoping to knock an hour off my previous time and complete it in around 4 and a half hours :)

Manchester to Blackpool. 61.8 miles. Just over 4 hours. Happy as Larry. Even the sun came out to play. Another challenge under the belt. Great fun. Good weather. Taken 90 minutes off last years time so super chuffed. Absolutely shattered now though. I think it's a given that Ill be doing it next year again :)

Challenge #17

Rochdale Half Marathon! - 23/08/2015

Thought I'd book in a few races to keep up the running in the build up to Chester Marathon. I've never done Rochdale before so not sure what to expect.

Rochdale Half Marathon was tough! Far too many hills and scorching heat. Doesn't help that they ran out of water at the feed stations. 5 miles without water is not good in the heat. Still managed a 2:20 though so happy with that and awesome tshirt too. Overall, a pretty good race, chances are I'll be back next year (I might even bring my support team too) :)

Challenge #18

City of Salford 10K! - 06/09/2015

It seems that the City of Salford run has become my yearly tradition. This will be the 2nd time I've done the 10k with a 5k before that. It's great to improve my time year on year.

Salford 10k SMASHED! 53:04! A new personal best! It's a yearly tradition going back to do this race with Vickers and today it was great. Great weather, great crowds, great race.

Challenge #19

Great Langdale Half Marathon! - 12/09/2015

Probably not my best idea booking in a half marathon the day before a 100 mile bikeride. It'll test me that's for sure. The Great Langdale Half Marathon race has the reputation as being amongst the toughest road events in the UK. Exceptionally hilly with some parts of the course climbs being 1:3 and 1500ft of elevation!

Wow what a toughie! 1526ft of elevation. That's 3 times the size of Blackpool tower! 1944 calories burnt (defo a cheat night tomorrow). I think this is the hardest race I've ever done. But at 2 hours 15 minutes, I've just got another personal best! Amazing considering the course! The weather was horrendous with pouring rain all morning. The race start was delayed because of the weather. I was struggling to find the motivation to start. 5 minutes in to the race there is a HUGE climb, it was tough but I made it. The rest of the course was then relentless. A handfull of winegums every now and again and we were off :)

Challenge #20

Manchester 100 Bike Ride - 13/09/2015

The ol' 100miler is coming up again and I'm ready for it this year. I've bought a new road bike and I've been hammering the tarmac in preparation. Last year it took me 9 hours 59 minutes, it can't be hard to beat that! I'm excited for this event as I'm going to smash last years effort.

Say hello to Adam, the man who just did 101.6 miles in 6 and a half hours averaging at 15.6mph. I'm aching already, not sure I'll get out of bed tomorrow. Couldn't be happier, I did the same event last year which took 10 hours, 10! Chuffed to have taken 3.5 hours off in just a year. If you fancy donating to The Christie because of all the challenges I do, please go here: to make a difference. I've run 13.1 miles through the lake district and cycled 100 miles this weekend. That's got to be worth a few quid

Challenge #21

MBNA Chester Marathon! - 04/10/2015

I've heard many good things about Chester Marathon. The location, the scenery and the support to name a few. For those reasons I thought I better sign up and get my second marathon out of the way. I've got plenty of events booked in on the run up to this so hopefully I should be in good shape.

Absolutely gutted with Chester Marathon today. 7 miles in I was throwing up at the side of the road. Again at 14 miles. Couldn't have any gels as stomach was obviously a problem. First 7 miles were great. At the pace I'd have finished in 4 hours 15 minutes. That didn't happen. Being sick totally exhausted me and it was difficult to get a decent pace. I then managed to get a foot injury. I was struggling. For the first time in any race I had to do something I've never wanted to do, WALK! I adopted the run/walk strategy for a further 7 miles. It was then around mile 21 that I managed to get going properly. 5 miles solid running (albeit fairly slow), but still running. There's something about the support that keeps you going. I had to keep moving. I wasn't paying good money to not get my tshirt and medal. I might have been physically broken, but mentally I knew I had to keep going. If I'm going to be an IRONMAN in 2016 I need to master the mental challenge no matter what it takes. I got my tshirt, I got my medal and I won the mental battle. I'm not chuffed with my finish time of 5 hours 22 minutes but it is what it is. Thanks for reading and thanks for all the good luck wishes! Lets hope I can recover for the Autumn Breaker 10k next Sunday.

P.S. If anyone would like to sponsor me for my efforts today, please head here: - Much Appreciated :)

Challenge #22

Autumn Breaker 10k - 11/10/2015

The Autumn Breaker looks to be a promising race. It's run at the same place as the Stanely Park 10k back in February but in October instead. After doing the Chester Marathon the week before I'm not sure I'll be getting any PBs in this race, but who knows! More miles under my belt and another medal for the wall :)

Surpise suprise, I smashed another PB! My new 10k record is now at 52 minutes 49 seconds. I'm quite happy with that, especially so soon after the disaster that was Chester Marathon. Now it's time to wind down the events for the rest of the year.

Challenge #23

Stanley Park 10k - 28/02/2016

I'll be back again for Stanley Park (it's fast becoming the Salford 10k where I keep going back for more) and I'm hopeful. I've been training for my IRONMAN UK event since December and I'm hoping that it has improved my running performance.

As always, the Stanley Park 10k didn't disappoint. The weather was nice and cool with no rain, some would say perfect conditions. IRONMAN training has paid off as I managed another 10k PB! My new 10k PB stands at 51 minutess and 20 seconds and I couldn't be happier. I'm slowly working my way to a 45min 10k.

Challenge #24

Manchester Marathon - 10/04/2016

Manchester Marathon is happening again. It was such an amazing race last year that it seemed stupid to miss is this year and after Chester Marathon I need to redeem myself. Im not sure how well this will go as I haven't done any marathon specific training, I'm just hoping that my IRONMAN training will carry me through.

Challenge #25

Horwich Triathlon - 01/05/2016

Horwich Tri, my first triathlon of the year. It's a pool triathlon but it will give me a bit of extra practice for transitions and running on tired legs. Horwich tri is set in Horwich not far from where I live, so I know that it is a very hilly course, but that's not going to stop me. I'm super excited about this tri as although I did it last year, the kit I have this year is so much better and my fitness has massively improved. I'm going to smash my time from last year. Another bit of training for IRONMAN UK in July.

Challenge #26

Grafman 70.3 Triathlon - 22/05/2016

With IRONMAN UK fast approaching, I thought it would be a good idea to at least complete a middle distance triathlon. Middle distance is half the iron distance and so is 70.3 miles in total. The Grafman is my middle distance of choice down at Graham in Cambridgeshire. This will be my first open water race so I'm a little bit nervous but I'm sure I will learn a whole bunch of things to prepare me for IRONMAN UK. Only 8 weeks until IRONMAN UK from this event.

Challenge #27

Three Peaks Challenge - 11/06/2016

After the success of the national three peaks challenge in 2015 I'm back for more. It was such an awesome weekend that I've decided to take on the challenge again. Last year we aimed to complete in under 20 hours but was beaten by the weather and a few other factors (go back and ready my post about it) so we're back to smash 20 hours this year. With a great team and plenty of training, I'm hopeful that we'll break 20 hours. Watch this space for updates!

Challenge #28

Manchester to Blackpool - 10/07/2016

Manchester to Blackpool is a great ride to do. It's roughly 60 miles and is fairly flat meaning that it's quite quick. With just 1 week to go before IRONMAN UK I'm treating this as a training ride to give me an idea of what my pace will be the following week. Previously I've completed this in 5.5hours and 4 hours. I wonder if I'll be able to make 3.5 hours the week before IRONMAN.

Challenge #29

IRONMAN UK 2016 - 17/07/2016

I've long been a fan of endurance events and pushing myself to the limit and for some time I've wanted to take part in an IRONMAN event. That time has come, I've bitten the bullet and signed up for IRONMAN UK in Bolton for 2016. After watching some friends take part this year, I'm super excited to be taking part in this event. IRONMAN is a full distance triathlon including a 2.4mile open water swim, a 112mile bike ride topped off with a 26.2 mile run (a marathon). Training starts NOW and will be hard graft right through until the week before the event. Hard work and dedication is needed and I will gie 100% every step of the way. I'm sure they'll be many a story along the way.


These are the challenges confirmed so far, there will be more added and this website updated.

Remember the reason I'm doing all these challenges is to raise as much money as possible for The Christie.
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